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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2016

Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas For the BIG Man and the TALL Man


We all know that and we cannot deny it. Father's Day is a perfect excuse for a wardrobe update. Why not? 
So whether you are looking to surprise someone with a cool present or to treat yourself instead, take a look through 5 of our top picks this month


A summer shirt could be a good start. Who doesn't need colourful shirt to cool down the summer? It's sunny and lovely outside and you want to make the most of it as long as it lasts.

             short sleeves lilac big man shirtshort sleeves yellow big man shirt


What a great idea! A perfect gift if his heading to somewhere nice and warm. Must have for this season is absolutely the stripped swim short with a fully elasticated waistband and useful side pocket; available up to size 6XL.

Polo shirt is the best compromise between a shirt and a T-shirt, when you don't want to be too smart but not even too casual.


Keep yourself cool this summer whit a pair of fantastic linen trousers. Linen is an ancient natural fabric, which for its peculiarity is less likely to cling to the skin and quickly removes perspiration from it, leaving the body free of moisture. 

Evergreen in style and fabric. Irreplaceable in summers. Excellent Natural Cooling System.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2016

Chino trousers are the most fashionable alternative to jeans, just as comfortable, but also suitable for more formal occasions. Recognised as the most versatile piece a man can have in his wardrobe, chino trousers are lightweight and easy to match; the best solution for any occasion.

              Cotton Chino Trousers for Tall MenTall Men's Chino Trousers

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


The wedding season is here!

Who doesn't want to stand out from the crowd at a wedding ceremony?

Let's start with the choice of your suit. It has to be elegant, but also comfortable and absolutely the RIGHT FIT, to make the most of the big day!

At Bigtallorder.co.uk we love to ensure you get your right size and you feel awesome in this important occasion. You'll be meeting friends, family, hypothetical other half and you want to be absolutely gorgeous.

Or..perhaps you just want to look handsome for yourself. Let's give yourself a confidence boost!

It's important to find extra couple of inches in sleeves and trousers when needed. This will allow you to be confident and not to worry about trousers coming up from your ankles or showing too much of the cuffs and only think about enjoying the party!





Tailored to Perfection

In some other cases we'd love to find some extra inches around our tummies to make sure there is enough room for that rich wedding cake, that looks absolutely lush. 

We do have a huge range of sizes at Bigtallorder.co.uk, just to make sure you find the RIGHT FIT for this very important day.


What if you are not sure about the size and fit? 
Nick & James will be able to give you some impartial advice either over the phone or in-person. 


Friday, 29 April 2016

Most Wanted and Richer: Tall Men Are The Favourite

Height DOES matter. It does for the majority of the women at least.

A study on a dating site reveals that women are more likely to date a man taller than they are.
Apparently they feel more comfortable with a tall man on their side. It makes them feel safer and more feminine. 

In fact, according to a study by Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea the greater the height difference between a married couple, the happier the wife would be.

Moreover, a study by Rice University and the University of North Texas titled "Does  Height Matter? An Examination of Height Preferences in Romantic Coupling" revealed that women do prefer taller partner than they are.

"Biological explanations for height preference suggest that females prefer taller men because of the evolutionary advantages their height provides for them." the study says. 

"However, in contemporary society, technology has neutralized such advantages and there does not seem to be an obvious advantage of height as it concerns protection or the obtaining of resources."

There also are indirect advantages as studies have shown that taller individuals are more financially successful (Judge & Cable, 2004; Kortt & Leigh, 2010). 

Good news for our tall friends!


Tuesday, 5 April 2016



We were inspired by a very interesting post from an Italian make-up artist ClioMAKEUP

"Plus-size models are often sexier, but, also, often snubbed by the fashion industry. However, something seems to be changing." 

That's what ClioMAKEUP says on her extremely successful blog
There is, in fact, the idea, shared by many, for which the canon of beauty would only be one and absolute.

So many times and more and more often it has been discussed the topic about curvy girls, plus size models and all the eating disorders caused by the stereotypical idea of beauty.
In fact, there's been an increasing recognition in the fashion industry towards female plus size models, but what about the big boys?

Well, yes, there are also plus sized male models, who look great and very sexy. It's a shame, though, that there are only a few agencies that have a section for sizes over 52 and that male models sometimes are more discriminated than their female colleagues. 

However, says Clio, something seems to be changing. The world is, slowly, opening its eyes towards this eternal lie, also toward men. Slowly but surely, we're getting there.
One of the most important fashion agency in the world, IMG Models, in fact, hired its first plus sized model, Zach Miko, a 40-inch waist actor and writer, known for Those in Glass Houses (2015), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) and A Leg Up (2013). Introducing a new over 52 size section, he is the actual first plus-size male model.
So far, in fact, most of the (few) plus-size agencies with a men's section, concentrated in UK and Germany, were specialised and open to other models or oversized men, remaining a real niche.

This is the first step to fight this stereotypical idea of men's body and fix the lack of plus-size male models in the industry. Everybody needs to be represented.
"I don't care if I have ripped abs" Zach Miko says. Certainly, he looks more like the average men, than all the male models that are foisted on us by the fashion industry as the normality and making anybody else feeling bad for not looking like that.
We want someone real to represent us. Having more plus-size models would help de-stigmatize plus-size men and stop this misleading advertising that generates an ill society.

Here they are! Our amazing the Big Tall Order's models. Visit Bigtallorder.co.uk > Our Models

Source: http://blog.cliomakeup.com/2016/03/modelli-over-size-sexy-moda/

Monday, 21 March 2016

Spring Has Sprung!


Time to make some room in the wardrobe, folks!
Get rid of all the winter shirts that kept you nice and warm last winter. Let's welcome this spring with something fresh. We identify these biggest men's linen shirts by Ed Baxter as the best shirts for the summer 2016.  The comfort of linen fabric is nothing that you can compare, the natural fabric mixed cotton and linen makes the shirt absolutely lightweight and breathable. 
While colour is really a matter of personal preference in this case, fit isn't. 
This shirt is particularly wide in the body, very comfortable and fresh.

Available in extra large sizes up to 6XL, it's not too tight, not too wide, but true to size.

You'd better check the weather app before taking this one for a spin :)